IFCN Support Association e.V.

What is IFCN Support Association e.V.?
This is a non profit organisation which was founded in 2005 to support agricultural research in general. Moreover the association has the aim to encourage on national and international level the cooperation between researchers, farmers, advisors and agribusiness companies.

The association has explicitly the following objectives:
a)    Support research activities in global networks
b)    Organise scientific events in agriculture
c)    Provide scholarships for Post doc and PhD students and support  Master/Bachelor students in their theses

The association is financed by membership fee and donations. The association is accepted as non profit association and if you are interested in funding, a certificate will be issued.

The association is registered under the German law at the Amtsgericht Kiel with the number: VR 5031 KI. For more details see the statute.

Your are welcome to become a member of the IFCN Support Association e.V.
Please contact administration@ifcnfoundation.org


IFCN Support Association e.V.
Schauenburgerstra├če 116
24118 Kiel

Chairman: Dr. Torsten Hemme
E-mail: administration@ifcnfoundation.org
D├╝ppelstr. 1, 24105 Kiel
Phone: +49 431 5606250
Fax:    +49 431 5606262

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